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What the market Named Money is?

  • 1 Preamble, posing the problems

    If we look at history, we can see that the economy tends to: a constant ever increasing shortage of available real values: high-quality products and services. The quality of available products and services is constantly falling. At the same time the production uses more and more high technology and creates a growing abundance of everything, could flood the market with more high-quality goods. But we obviously see the inversion - quality of goods, services, even integral whole life has been steadily decreasing (go to a debate on the theme of the fall of the quality of life). Therefore the deficit of the quality of life is an artificial phenomenon - sabotage and provocation or the result of total incompetence of economic management.

    It is obvious that the banking financial system deliberately creates a shortage of money to us, and as a result creates a shortage of quality produtkov - Lack of quality of life. This idea should be good to think and understand. This idea may seem incredible to many, contradictory generally accepted ideas about what the money must be scarce and other money can not be exist. This misconception is maintained artificially, and the government goes against common sense - supports this idea and the lack of money and the lack of quality of life, like if it does not depend on them!
  • 2 Analysis of the Problems and setting targets
    The legal assessment of the behavior of this will given by the competent authorities, and it is sufficient us to think about the following:

    2.1 How to avoid total deficit of money in the economy.

    2.2 How to make a simultaneous investment in all those in need, without compromising one for the sake of other investment projects economic projects?

    2.3 How to give back the priority to a manufacturer of high-quality products against the producers, who receives the highest profits?

    2.4 How to free the manufacturers of high quality products from breaks, hampering their development and improvement of the quality of products: taxes, penalties, interest on loans.

    2.5 How to change the purpose,stimul of production from making a profit to the creation of quality .. , and so forth.

  • 3 solutions in general.

    3.1 It is necessary to ensure that all manufactured products of high quality were sold and as a result of their producers all the costs should turnover back. This is necessary to continue the sustainable production process

    3.2 give customers the freedom to decide for themselves what to buy and what products to support more and what some less

    3.3 Release the sphere of consumption and a wholesale market from the capitalism annoying false advertising, and from the top-down directive: to buy something, "that given" (as in the USSR)

    3.4 At the same time it is necessary to provide unbeatable conditions for each manufacturer using the example of his uniqueness.

    Of course, one of the main problems of our economy is the lack of a reasonable system of calculating the value, difficulty of a labor of the production. The money that we use to measure and of comparing prices do not have any physical standard values. Guide financial system is extremely unprofessional chooses its standards and binds the money to gold, then a barrel of oil, by the kilowatts of electricity ... Of course, work on the creation of the physical standards of the unit of measurement values ​​and perform calculations and comparisons of real values ​​technology should do the scientists of physics, mathematics, but not financiers, economists. One of the possible solutions to the problem will find the value of standards
  • 4 Solutions more specific:
    The legal assessment of the behavior of this will given by the competent authorities, and it is sufficient us to think about the following:

    4.1 The problem 3.1 solution is implemented by: Advertisement with the adviser's obligation to supply the advertised product - in fact it is money, accepted and guaranteed in the advertiser's marketplace. Therefore, in our market all Named Money needed to buy all the produced goods are not issued by the central bank, but by product manufacturers. Product manufacturers are also the creators of the money to purchase these goods easily provide, then that neither the banks nor the government will never be able to provide:

    4.1.1 The perfect stability of prices on manufactured goods (Named Money attached directly to the product's production cost)

    4.1.2 The ideal balance between the amount of money provided by the product, and the amount of the product on the market. (Named Money issued in strict accordance with the amount of product)

    4.1.3 The ideal distribution of money in the market, when the money needed to buy the product are moving in the direction from the product manufacturer to the potencial consumer of the product - to the potencial buyer. Nominal Money is not possible to accumulate because of their limited period of validity.

    4.1.4 The ideal tool for calculations and planning. (Prices do not change the ID, the ID market uncertainty is minimized)

  • 5 The specification and Features of the Named Money Market (NMM).
    The market system is described as the terms and conditions for it's members.
    When we have create a rule for our market participants we have tried to keep all the positive properties of the "free" market and remove all negative features and in the first place: destroy the total deficit of money.

    5.1 release of our members from a deficit of money and the total dependence of investment projects on the relationship with the banks. (Banks are already openly demonstrate full their asocial, not interested in the growth of the economy and the welfare of society.)

    5.2 release of our participants from the need to make a profit, which is known are created from a loss of partners and leads marketplace to unbalance partnerships, to apoplectic distortion of commodity-money relations and into the self-destruction of the newly created business project. Profit is banned in our market.

    The purpose of the production does not support by the necessarily pursuit of profit, by the lack of the wealth, but the lack to be sustainable, the desire for a stable life, the automation of the process of the production and release of free time for further creative development, for the creation of new production projects.

    5.3 release of the participants from the competition, "everyone against all and all against everyone" caused by the one profit for all and from other hand by the rough description of the goods, without distinguishing between details of products, ignoring their uniquenesson. This problem was relised by the detailed accuracy in the description of the product

    (the fact is, that every product is always unique, and even product was created by automated production, of every new good created as a copy of the first sample product, it is still unique. We can (and more - we must!) find these unique properties of each product instance even it's copy called the good. And this method disappears any competition between different instance of good with own copies within the same party. In result the buyer chooses not the cheapest, (because the profit is forbidden and the price accurately reflects the costs), but the most suitable for his needs quality.)
  • 6 basis of features and rules of our Named Money Market (NMM).
    We eliminated the deficit of money in the potential buyers, and thus do not limit their freedom to choose the desired quality level for their unique challenges. Here, each manufacturer himself creates the money that will use to buy his product. We cal it "Named Money" because it provided the name of the manufacturer of the product that they advertises. (This is not my idea. The ​​people always gave the name of the issuer to his money:. Kerenki, Nikolaevka, Khrushchevki, ...)

    6.1.1 Legality bearer is provided by method Open Public Resources: Public availability of detailed information on the movement of each advertisment leaflet - Named Money Bill. To achieve this, we deny the producers the right to withhold some of the information about the quality of the goods and about every the transactions with each NMB. By open any detailed information for Public access (about the product or about it's copies, generated by commodity production - good) we release of the manufacturer from the competition - Each manufactured product acquires its uniqueness and originality, which acts as effect: excludes his competition with others manufacturers. (This idea maybe need more time for understanding Discuss about releasing from competition and about open business information)

    6.1.2 The buyer decides what kind of quality to it most suitable for solving their actual problems. This means that it is excluded or eliminated excess or lack of quality of raw materials in the production.

    6.1.3 The Manufacturer of the product (and its copy - goods) by himself regulates, how much money to essure and how much to fix the goods this money covered and in what time frame to produce it new. So the quantity of the Named Money always strictly correspond to the quantity of the Products and Goods, which they provided. This is the best suitable for investment the production. This situation provides absolute price stability. There are not exists the Inflation and deflation in our market. Prices appointed distributor may be stable forever In addition there is prohibited to change the price in the Named Money in our market. But stil it is allowed to change their EXCHANGE RATE of the Named Money in relation to a Flexible Money (the usual dollars, euros, etc.) This give to all Named Money market participants an opportunity to exact production planning. Investment policy becomes rapidly progressive nature of the STR by the it exception from the terms of decision by the incompetent and not interested in the scientific and technological evolution of the financial elite of the current economy. This is achieved by simply combining in one person and manufacturers in need of investment and investors. To this end, we have created a special service search quality "Gogol", fundamentally different from commercial search engines on the Internet. Service Search Quality is fair and gives the full access to read from the portal's database of products, goods and services in all of our marketplaces. This service does not pay by advertisers as is customary in commercial search engines, but rather customer, who search an information. Customers are interested in unbiased accuracy of information received.